Everything you need for kitchens, bathrooms, home heating, plumbing, irrigation and more.....

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  • The brands represented above are just a small taste of the range we carry, and can source at highly competitive prices. From LPG fridges to major brand appliances, wood heaters and stoves to gas and radiant heaters, from showers to spa's, poly pipe to ag drain, solar hot water to electric or gas systems, pressure pumps to firefighters, taps and washers and parts. We have it all, and if we don't have it, we know where to source it.
  • Our customers have the option of ordering immediately, which results in an extremely fast turn around time from the supplier for all items we do not already have in stock. This expedited method will incur a small freight charge to cover the cost of the shipment. Alternatively, if you are not pressed for time, we can place your order with one of our regular stock orders, which will result in no freight charge (on most items)
  • Whether you are thinking about renovating your bathroom or kitchen, thinking about cutting electricity bills with the installation of a solar hot water system, upgrading or converting your existing hot water system, setting up a self managed watering system for your garden, or wanting to harvest rain water - these are just some of the many things that our experienced staff can assist you with.¬†
  • Come down today and browse our showroom for yourself.¬†